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Weanling Exports to U.S.

Manitoba is a day’s drive away from hog producers as far south as Nebraska and Iowa. For many years, American hog producers have been sourcing weaned pigs from Manitoba to supplement the supply of young pigs coming from other U.S. farms to meet the growing demand for U.S. pork in export and domestic markets. Manitoba now accounts for over two-thirds of Canadian live pig sales into the U.S.


Canadian pigs from Manitoba are healthy and of the highest quality

A cool climate and low herd density in Manitoba significantly reduce the development and spread of disease. Cooler weather also improves lactation quality and quantity in nursing sows which enhances litter health. Manitoba producers use the best available genetics in the world to supply Canadian and American finisher barns with healthy, high quality weanlings and feeder pigs at competitive prices. Manitoba producers follow very strict, national bio-security standards to prevent the introduction of and spread of diseases.


Canadian pigs support U.S. sales back to Canada

Canada and the United States are amongst the world’s largest trading partners. While Manitoba producers purchase feed, as well as some farm and barn equipment from the U.S., American producers look to Manitoba as a reliable and affordable supply of weanlings, feeder pigs and breeding stock. Canada is also a large market for value-added pork products – almost 30% of the Canadian domestic market for pork is supplied by the U.S, while Canada may supply 3-4% of the U.S. domestic market. This integrated trade partnership between Canada and the U.S. allows both countries to remain competitive internationally.


U.S. producers have the opportunity to add value to Canadian pigs

Canadian weanlings exported from Manitoba to the U.S. provide American finisher operations the opportunity to convert U.S. corn and soybeans into high value pork products. About 85% of Canadian live pig exports to the U.S. are weanlings and feeder pigs. U.S. packing plants recognize and appreciate high quality Canadian genetics.


Canadian pigs help grow U.S. exports

A steady stream of healthy, high quality pigs from Manitoba helps keep barns in northern states operating at capacity, enabling the U.S. to meet increasing export demand.


Safe, reliable, high quality weanlings are close to home

Manitobas's Major Markets


Manitoba’s major markets for hogs are Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.


Weanlings and feeders imported from Manitoba:

Weanlings and feeders imported from Manitoba

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